Welcome to my website! I’m a professor at PSE and a research fellow at the CNRS. I’m also a research affiliate at the CEPR.

My research focuses on macroeconomics and heterogeneity, with emphasis on fiscal policy.

Curriculum Vitae

Working papers

Optimal Redistribution: Rising Inequality vs. Rising Living Standards, with D. Sachs and P. Grübener, May 2024

Escaping the Losses from Trade: The Impact of Heterogeneity and Skill Acquisition, with G. Navarro and R. Reyes-Heroles

Research in progress

The Intangible Borrowing Constraint of Entrepreneurship, with L. Allub, L. Franjo and Y. Zheng


The Heterogeneous Effects of Government Spending: It’s All About Taxes, with G. Navarro, Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming

On the Optimal Design of Transfers and Income-Tax Progressivity, with P. Grübener, G. Navarro and O. Vardishvili, Journal of Political Economy Macroeconomics, Jun 2023

Fiscal Austerity in Ambiguous Times, with A. Karantounias, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Jan 2019 [online appendix]

Pareto Weights as Wedges in Two-Country Models, with D. Backus, C. Coleman and S. Lyon, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Nov 2016

Risk and Ambiguity in Business Cycle Models, with D. Backus and S. Zin, Journal of Monetary Economics, Jan 2015

Other publications

Comments on “Capital Income Taxation with Housing”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Jun 2020

Dormant research

Sovereign Default, Inequality, and Progressive Taxation

Education, Frisch Elasticity, and Incentives, with J. A. Blanco